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Ranga Chakra

Quirky Soda bottle Handpainted Silk saree

Quirky Soda bottle Handpainted Silk saree

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Want More Fizz in Life... Cheers!!!

A beautiful Conceptual Artwork on Bishnupuri Katan Silk saree with  dual tone Pink and Orange weave, a rose gold effect. Saree texture is feather soft and super smooth only 280 g weight. 

A simple Desi Soda bottle is giving a fizz to a life to bloom with crazy colours and thoughtful inspiration. Saree Artwork Depicts Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is all about Creating yourself!! Saree is ideal for Cocktail parties.

When meaningful transparent designs become boring it's time to understand that the mind wants a blank canvas where it can make its own artwork that will be tangible only to the brain that thinks and feels the same. I have always loved abstract, quirky, meaningful stuff and I am never afraid of converting them to #wearableart. In the frame is a pink and orange dual-toned Bishnupuri Katan silk with contemporary artwork done on the Palla. In these trying times with every passing day surviving is the biggest struggle. In such time availing of luxury and chasing expensive dreams is like facing a war with self. But a chilled bottle of a fizzy drink can momentarily fulfill all your desires and give you short-lived happiness. The dissolved carbon dioxide released with a "thud" sound gives the perfect cinematic feel and takes us to our personal Wonderlands just like Alice had one for herself.

Note- Return is not accepted in case of slight difference in colour. All the image shown original Artworks and are authentic & genuine Silk. Comes with Authentic Silk Certified Tag.

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