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Ranga Chakra

Pure Tussar Silk Embroidered Abstract Cutwork Sarees

Pure Tussar Silk Embroidered Abstract Cutwork Sarees

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Tussar Silk Hand Embroidered Cutwork Silk sarees.
A pure Tussar silk saree adorned with beautiful embroidery Cutwork would be a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance. Hand woven pure Desi tussar silk sarees. Wearing such a saree would be like wearing a piece of art, a celebration of traditional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Tussar silk saree with its characteristic rich texture and natural sheen, serving as the perfect canvas for intricate embroidery. It would be a statement piece that commands attention and exudes grace and refinement, making the wearer feel truly special and radiant.

* Weaved with antique zari And embroidery 
* Contrast plain blouse with border
* Silk mark certified
Technique- Handwoven tussar 
Fabric - Tussar silk

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Note- Return is not accepted in case of slight difference in colour. All the image shown original handworks and are authentic & genuine Silk. Comes with Authentic Silk Certified Tag.

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