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Ranga Chakra

Pichwai Hand painted Yellow Silk Saree

Pichwai Hand painted Yellow Silk Saree

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Handpainted Pichwai Artwork on Pure Silk saree

Pichwai painting made on cloth is a traditional Indian art form originating in the Nathdwara town of Rajasthan that depicts tales from Lord Krishna's life. They are known for their bright color palettes such as red, green, orange, yellow, and black which are mainly used to put life into the flora and fauna.
Though Pichwai paintings may have originated in temples not all paintings are religious in nature. Many beautiful paintings have found abode on the walls as decorative pieces, as jewelry, or as #wearableart. This process of scaling down an ornate piece into something consumable has made the painting famous in both domestic and international markets.
Seen here is a red-bordered bright yellow pure silk where the palla has been handpainted depicting a tale of Morkuti Pichwai. Shrinathji is seen with his cow in a forest where peacocks are seen dancing around him to welcome the rain. Since Krishna was a cow herder he is considered the eternal protector of cows. Bright colored lotuses and lotus leafs are seen scattered in his footsteps showing how connected he was with nature. The intricacy and the detailing of the entire work are outstanding, a wearableart in the true sense where art has been used in designing an attire.

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Note- Return is not accepted in case of slight difference in colour. All the image shown original Artworks and are authentic & genuine Silk. Comes with Authentic Silk Certified Tag.

These sarees are not just garments but also pieces of art, cultural heritage, and tradition. They embody the skilled craftsmanship and artistic traditions of India, making them highly cherished by those who own them.

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