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Ranga Chakra

Iconic Chess Handpainted Silk Saree

Iconic Chess Handpainted Silk Saree

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Hand painted Chess Concept Silk Saree. Life is a game of chess, the famous quote by author Alan Rufus has been the inspiration behind me designing this #wearableart. Chess is a simplified version of our everyday life spread on a board of 64 squares that resembles a battlefield in action. Designed on a monochromatic black and white layout the black and white checks on the body resemble a chessboard. The pieces, the pawn, the bishop, knight, rooks, queen, and king all are positioned to give a feel of this realistic game. The palla is the main focus where the different pieces are inlaid with detailed geographical patterns and accents. It appears as if carvings have been made on them. Just as the pieces keep moving so does life irrespective of the wins and losses that are the actual reality of life. Foresightedness always wins be it in chess or in life but not forgetting mistakes give us the best lesson.

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