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Ranga Chakra

Quirky Saree Wine Not Doodle

Quirky Saree Wine Not Doodle

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Wine Not Doodle Saree with Glass Pocket Quirky Saree 

A Conceptual Soft Cotton saree in shiny grey with Wine Bottle Doodle Gestures a Perfect wearable art saree for Evening Parties.
Wine and love are a very celebrated pair. It is the closest friend when you want to share all your joys and the ideal shoulder to lean on for any sorrow. In ancient Rome, wine was a staple part of the diet and it was made available to everyone starting from rulers to slaves. Ancient Roman writers have shed light on the role of wine in Roman culture. What seems amazing is how can a glass of grape juice become so popular... While watching a documentary on Cleopatra I got inspired by her beauty and the use of wine and I decided to use it as the concept for my next #wearableart.
In the frame is a soft cotton drape in a shiny Grey tone with wine bottle patchwork done on the palla. The bottles have detailing in the form of doodles of various faces. But what catches the attention is the play of red color in the form of wine glasses on the shiny grey tone. A glass-shaped pocket has also been put on one side to give a funky look. Overall a very conceptual drape that can be styled in various ways to give a new look every time you adorn it.

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