Quirky Sarees

Little Quirky, But Bold....

Add a touch of sass to your life with this classy and bold customize hand painted quirky sarees to your boring Wardrobe! 

According to a common Indian proverb every 2 miles the water changes and every 4 miles the speech changes. 

Apart from proper decent language, there are colloquial words that help one to hold a fluent conversation and make one feel taken. Those who have seen the popular Netflix series, Emily, in Paris will know the importance of being able to speak a local dialect. I saw it very recently that's why I took it as an example...
The light pink Khadi drape seen here has been hand painted with images depicting high-class women who love to stay decked up in fashionable outfits and expensive jewelry. Also, written are some colloquial words like high rated nakhra meaning extreme levels of tantrums, sau%desi meaning 100 %ethnic and classy, nautanki meaning dramatic, sati savitri and many more. We hear or speak these words in our daily lives and it's quite a fun thing to wear your own dialect in an art form and that is what Ranga Chakra aims to do #wearableart


Discover the true beauty of life through Embracing Life's Quirky Moments. Our Brand Ranga Chakra is dedicated to nurturing self-expression through hand painted sarees and dresses, helping you feel comfortable and stylish in your own skin. Embrace your quirks and stand out from the crowd with our one-of-a-kind designs with a touch of quirkiness to everyday life. Experience the benefits of prioritizing your well-being with our unique offering. Trust in our expertise to enhance your self-care. you towards finding joy in the little things, helping you appreciate life's small and unique moments.

Boost your self-confidence with Bold colour palettes, designs in Traditional Weaves and add a touch of uniqueness to your wardrobe with our carefully crafted clothing.

Here comes the question.. How we will design your Dress or a Saree?

Designing part always comes with expert insights and practical tips, we will come up with quirky illustrations for your attire and will embrace every quirk of your idea. Oh Yes we can design on unexpected thoughts too..Experience the ultimate in self-care with our sustainable clothing line. Our quirky and stylish designs allow you to express your unique personality while reducing your environmental impact. Embrace a more mindful and responsible lifestyle with our collection.

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