Kalaghoda Handpainted Saree

Kalaghoda Handpainted Saree

Oh So Kalaghoda! Ranga Chakra's Handpainted Saree.Kala Ghoda is a popular art Festival for Creative and Quirky Minds in Mumbai. Kalaghoda has prestigious art museums, education institutions, grand architectures and galleries. It is home to India’s art festival called ‘The Kala Ghoda Festival.’ 

It's just an amazing experience when you see artistic masterpieces, unique Crafts, Live workshops, Theatre and an incredible art installation in the streets of kalaghoda. One can feel the Happy vibes, soulful place, enjoy the vibrant culture, colours, humour, music and dance of this festival that symbolises peace, love and unity! This blend of melodies creates a lovely feel-good mood that inspired me to make cheerful Handpainted saree #wearableartsarees oh so kalaghoda.

Seen here is a beige pure handwoven cotton saree where the palla has an image of Vibrant Kalaghoda map illustrations which has been handpainted. A horse Art installation from previous kalaghoda event painted on shoulder area of this saree. The fabric is soft comfortable and easily manageable and the color is just perfect for summer days. 

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