Ice Gola Cart Saree
  • Ice Gola Cart Saree
  • Ice Gola Cart Saree
  • Ice Gola Cart Saree
  • Ice Gola Cart Saree

Ice Gola Cart Saree

M.R.P.    : 3800
Quantity :
Fabric: Cotton
Colour : Pink
Weight : .500
Work: Handpainted


      Designing an attire is not an easy job. Every day is devoted to being creative, finding new trends, and implementing the craziest ideas into life. Streets are one of the best places to take inspiration from but one has to have the observing capacity to pick up a concept and give it a shape.
      Mumbai has the largest variation of street foods of which colorful ice goals are the most popular desserts. The carts are decorated with glass bottles filled with colorful liquid in shades of red, green, orange, and pink, and the flavors such as Kachi Kairi, Kala khatta, rose, orange and lemon are just the most needed in the summers. What drew my attention to the cart was the colorful juice bottles and the sound of the old machine on which the ice was being shaved. surrounded by people of almost all age groups the owner was bust cutting the ice and his son was painting those white ice shavings with different colorful liquids. it was as if a white canvas and he was just painting it the way he wanted. People were enjoying it with a "slurp" sound.
      It just carried me back to my childhood days when I used to save money to have colorful ice balls. Seen here is a light pink pure Khadi drape where the palla has an image of the colorful Gola cart which has been handpainted. The fabric is soft comfortable and easily manageable and the color is just perfect for these sultry summer days. It just gives me immense satisfaction when I convert these little objects that give us moments of joy into a #wearableart .

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