Pattachitra Handpainted Pure Silk Saree

M.R.P.    : 17500
Quantity :
Fabric: Pure Silk
Colour : Blue
Weight : .250
Work: Pattachitra

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      Selected variant :RCS009

      Technique -Hand painted
      Fabric - Pure Silk Saree 
      Saree Base shade - Blue (Natural Photography)

      Note- Return is not accepted in case of slight difference in colour. All the image shown original Artworks and are authentic & genuine Silk. Comes with Authentic Silk Certified Tag.


      These sarees are not just garments but also pieces of art, cultural heritage, and tradition. They embody the skilled craftsmanship and artistic traditions of India, making them highly cherished by those who own them.

      When it comes to hand-painted Silks and weaves, stick to dry cleaning. Avoid using a machine to retain it in all its glory. After washing, reverse ironing is suggested them to prevent fading or Steam ironing or professional dry cleaners. Do not dry your saree in direct sunlight as it will cause the colour to fade. Use low heat or a press cloth while ironing them and do not move the iron machine back and forth as it can stretch and pull the delicate threads. To protect your sarees from dampness, you can also wrap them in muslin cloth.