Turquoise Batik Silk saree
  • Turquoise Batik Silk saree

Turquoise Batik Silk saree

M.R.P.    : 9800
Quantity :
Fabric: Pure Silk
Colour : Black
Weight : .200g
Work: Handpainted


      Wearing such a Abstract black Batik silk saree would be like classic statement, with the beauty of nature draped around you. It would be a statement piece that celebrates the timeless elegance of floral motifs and the artistry of batik painting, capturing the essence of beauty and femininity.The abstract motifs could range from bold geometric shapes and swirls to intricate patterns inspired by nature or cultural symbolism. Vibrant colors like electric blues, fiery oranges, and vivid purples could interplay with softer pastels or earthy tones, creating a mesmerizing contrast of hues.

      Dry Clean