Batik Silk saree Branches
  • Batik Silk saree Branches

Batik Silk saree Branches

M.R.P.    : 10500
Quantity :
Fabric: Pure Silk
Colour : Black
Weight : .300g
Work: Handpainted


      Picture a lush silk saree adorned with hand-drawn branches delicately swirling and intertwining across the fabric. The batik process would lend a unique texture and depth to the design, with layers of wax and dye creating a beautiful contrast between the branches and the background.

      The branch motif could be embellished with leaves, flowers, or even birds, adding further visual interest and a sense of natural beauty to the saree. Depending on your preference, you could opt for a monochromatic palette for a timeless elegance or incorporate subtle hues for a more nuanced look.

      Such a saree would be perfect for both formal occasions and casual gatherings, effortlessly combining sophistication with a touch of nature-inspired charm. It would undoubtedly be a statement piece that celebrates both artistry and the beauty of the natural world.

      Dry Clean