Pattachitra Pichwai Silk saree
  • Pattachitra Pichwai Silk saree
  • Pattachitra Pichwai Silk saree

Pattachitra Pichwai Silk saree

M.R.P.    : 12500
Quantity :
Fabric: Pure Silk
Colour : Black
Weight : .300g
Work: Handpainted


      A blend of Pattachitra and Pichwai painting on a silk saree would be a breathtaking fusion of two rich art forms, each with its own unique style and cultural significance. Pattachitra, originating from the state of Odisha in India, is known for its intricate scroll paintings depicting mythological stories and folklore. The use of vibrant colors, fine lines, and detailed motifs characterizes this traditional art form. Pichwai, on the other hand, is a style of painting originating from Rajasthan, primarily focused on depictions of Lord Krishna, often adorned with luxurious details and rich colors. The paintings are usually done on cloth or paper and are an integral part of the devotional practices in the region.Combining these two art forms on a silk saree would result in a visually stunning masterpiece. Picture the delicate brushstrokes and intricate details of Pattachitra seamlessly blending with the opulence and grandeur of Pichwai paintings. The saree could feature scenes from Hindu mythology, such as Krishna's Raas Leela or scenes from the Mahabharata, depicted in a harmonious fusion of styles.

      Such a saree would not only be a work of art but also a symbol of cultural heritage and artistic craftsmanship. It would undoubtedly be a treasured possession, showcasing the beauty and richness of India's artistic traditions

      Dry Clean